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Stanley Janoski III (StoshuNinja)
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Hello World

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 21, 2011, 8:21 PM

I'm still in college and I am willing to take on paid projects. Please email me at

For those interested, join me on I'd love to hear from you and meet new people!

Facebook name: Stoshu Janoski

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Hey everyone! Join me on I'd love to hear from you and meet new people!

Facebook name: Stoshu Janoski
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Well I have plans for going to Japan this summer, but like all the other plans, I find it unreliable. So, lets get down to business.

It's summer.... Shit, it summer!
Shit was the right word for the occasion. Should I get a job or should I sleep? It's a question I can sit on for a long time. I find the word summer this time of year really bitter, especially since budget is tight. However, I do feel (since college is still in my blood) to do something constructive. I guess I'm going to create a level for my portfolio with all original, custom-made assets. It's better to do something before the panic of doing nothing sets in.

But, on the other hand I think it would be nice to have a little money here and there; nevertheless, there's a scientific fact that working turns nice individuals into angered stress raging zombies.

I'll deal with that later. I'm just going to pretend to care, and end up sleeping through it anyway.

Have a great summer for those who care to read.
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Well, I havn't done a journal in a while... Derp.

I'll get to it later, i'm too lazy.

Here's a clue. It's Spring Break!
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Yo how'z it going ya'll!
It's been a while since my last post. Man, time really flies when you're into something.

I just got done with my Project development 1 class,  our final product for a first year prototype game was absolutely magnificently outrageously super uber AWSOME!!!!

It was fun as hell! Too bad I can't market it, because of UT3's copyright. I really had fun this year, event though I worked my butt off. There were parts of the level I had the most fun, mostly because I knew where to find hidden weapons and health. Of course everyone only had three lives for the first level, and Juliet kept pushing me off the ledge with the gravity gun. She's the main cause of my deaths.
As for my 3D Animation II class, I completed my full animation and turned it in on time. I was the only person with an animation done, I spent countless hours getting it done. I worked on it the entire semester and the final result was outstanding. I guess my favorite part was modeling. After that I said my goodbyes and even game Mr. Bellinger a little gift from Eat3D. It would probably be the last time I see him in person for a while. Nevertheless there was an urgent situation I had with my Interactive Multimedia class. The last day of the class I missed because of my register for next semester. I had to E-mail my project to him, and I kind of feel bad for forgetting I have class. Hopefully my effort in the flash animation/web page will make up for that. Oooops. XD

I'm going to miss this semester. Hopefully next semester will be just as fun, but for now BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!
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Yup back at it, i'm help doing an actual prototype demo game called Predator. My idea as a board game turning into an actual game using the Unreal edator.

At the current moment i'm taking flash CS4 class, and 3D Animation II at North Harris, but game development at Kingwood. Flash is Ok, and i can't wait for my first project, because i'm already fluid in Flash. As for 3D Animation II,using Version 10 rules!!! Espaecially with the new grafite tools. I'm suppose to brainstorm ideas for an animation i am to be doing for the entire semester, however brainfarts are the only thing getting in my way.

Right now i'm focusing on Game development, because after making the prototype we'll be making the rest of the game. I know, cool right!
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I went to the BEACH dog! Hell yeah! I got me a red ass, and one hell of a tanning. The beach I went to was in Galveston.  The water there's nasty like hell, in fact I think I grew me extra two toes and a couple nubs due to its radiated brownish green water. The water was painfully salty and extremely dirty, but that's because it was a mixture between sand, clay, and dirt. Furthermore It's ok the extra nubs and toes had already fallen off, that's how I made me a necklace. I went to the beach with some friends and their family. It was a little awkward being the only guy, but who the hell cares. We ate sea food and toured around Galveston site seeing the damage from hurricane Ike and the boats it randomly placed throughout the island. It was the true meaning of vacation. Nevertheless I'm also doing my online Game Testing course at the same time. Well that's it for now I'm going to play some more out in the sun and find out how sun burn can help relieve stress. XD
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So yeah... Winding down.

The days are floating away for the semester.
I've successfully completed my entire level for level design and I'm being responsible for our project development I's game next semester. I've already got an idea for it, but its top secret.
Being the lead game designer for next year puts me in charge of a lot of responsibilities, and not only that I'm also the level designer for next year's project. Talk about a lot of work. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure the finishing product will be miraculously gorgeous.  I guess I'm a little excited.

I also finished the storyboarding for interactive games course, it was fun; until later on in the semester when I got laid off of my job. The teacher was really ruthless, because as the semester's winding down she gave out even more work to do. I would've appreciated if she could have done the work flow calculation accordingly with an equal balance, instead of forcing a butt load of assignments to be done by a strict deadline date.  

As for my intro to PC class, it wasn't even a challenge. Except for that damn stubborn reject program called of Microsoft Access.  I tell you, that program came from the depths of Mordor/Hell/The corn field.

I hope to survive till next semester, but until then I'll see you later. XD
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I'm back in college, where I belong, soking my days in front of a computer. Waiting for a miricle, where money falls out of the sky and lands directly into my lap.

I'm currently making a level in the UT3 editor. What it is, is a secret for the ActionPackedSpaceMonkeyMafia7 team. It's a team name we stole by combining everyone elses teams names in the entire level design class. I know it's genius.

I'm also taking ITC (intro to computers) where everyone in the class is a moron, that can't even operate a windows system. I have no choice, but to take the class as a requirment to the certificate i'm getting. It kind of gets embarassing after the person by your side whispers you if you know how to shut down the computer. So i try to act different and do some advanced things on the computer to demonstrate i'm not a person living under a rock, and that i'm just providing an example that I just need to take the course to do what I need. It's also not fare that the instructor overloads your desk with homeowrk. But yeah, it's pretty much easy. Hopefully it dosen't make me jump out the window and land ass first on the Milian Cathedral.

My last course dosen't bother me at all, in fact it's the most inspiring course, becuase i get to brainstorm awsome ideas and create a story for a game. FYI it's an online course so i get to chill and take it slow. Nevertheless it dose require a lot of reading, but even reading is exciting.

Well that's it for now, my computer hasn't been revived so it'll be a while before I get an even more awsome computer than before. Chau!
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Im at Arizona right now, and it's not as cold as everyone expected. Houston is a lot more colder than Arizona even though it's snowing really hard.

This morning My cousin, brother, sister and I went to play out in the snow. We wondered around looking for the perfect slope to take the sled down, and there we plenty. First we went out back and found a slope that was really steep, but it didn't last long before we set out to find a bigger one. The next slope was the longest slope using somebody's drive way. It take a couple of minutes to reach the top, but once you reach the top it's stagnifying. By going down the slope so many times the slope becomes an ice highway to hell. It reaches to about 30-40mph, and once you hit the bottom you don't stop. I eventually stopped going down the slope after catching a rock on my ass at 30mph sending me whaling a few feet off the ground. I got a giant bruise that's not leaving anytime soon.

Next we started building snowmans, first my bro got started and my sister followed. Eventually my brother's snow ball broke, causing me to steel a huge piece, and get started on my own snow man.
In the end, with my bruised up butt, we made three snowmans. One my sister made, another my brother, along with the help of my cousin, but mine was the biggest snowman. It was as big as 8-9 feet. I couldn't even reache the top moreless needed the help of my bro putting the head on it. In the end we made him have an angre face.

After that we just chilled for the rest of the day playing xbox live, and playing on my cuz's computer.

Well that's it for the first day in Arizona, it's not very cold, eventhough it's snowing like hell.
Anyways wish me luck cuz my family = chaos.
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I doubt anyone would beleive this, but on the last day of college a thunder bold hit the side of my house, on my side, my bedroom.

God *%#@! dammit! It messed up my TV, radio, and especially my COMPUTER!! I'm not going to be able to repair it till i come back from Arizon in two weeks. Which means i also don't know if the hard drives are wiped out. The main reason i can't figure it out is because the main power supply unit is toast. So i can't even turn it on.

That = not a very fun Christams, plus no 3ds max or Lightwave 3D and all the other awsome goodies!

Not to mention it also effected my bros TV. At leaste the Xbox 360 works. Now i have nothing to do but waiste my time listening to friends bitch as they play Xbox live.

I guess i'm over worried, and the anwser to that is hell f#$^$ing yes i am! My harddrives are full of shit i probeble could never recover.

I was hoping to get the latest version of lightwave 9.5 for Christmas by saving money, but that will now be an idea sitting in a dark corner in my conscience.

Wish me luck becasue even the house's heater got f%@&ed up by the thunderbolt! Which means it's shit'n cold at our house, thus it's snows at night.
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The semester is winding down, and all final projects are coming together.  Usually at the end of college everything always gets crazy. I have three classes and I'm already starting to lose my mind. Especially because of the cause and effect essay I have to finish. Those are never fun.
My 3D animation project is looking great, but it's only about 80% complete. I'm glad Sean  Bellinger  was my teacher, I've learned a lot about from him, and I hope him the best of luck for the future. I'm now going to take my level design class next semester with Jason ford at kingwood college, I'm really looking forward to it, because it's one step closer to my dream.
I noticed we have quite a couple of people trying to be game designers at both Kingwood and North Harris College. I looked at some of their work and it's kind of mediocre. Not much competition, and sometimes I wonder if they are going to take this field seriously. Nevertheless there is competition. If I'm going to stand out from the rest, I got to do the best in this field, like Miyazaki and his dedication to 2D animation. I got to be the Duke Nukem and kill the bad guys! I got to prove how different I am and how I can accomplish a lot more than they can, weather creativity or progress.  So far my work is top notch compared to theirs, but there will always be someone better. I got to live and breathe this field to get where I'm going. Thus it doesn't help that the economy sucks balls.
Well I've shared my goals in life, and so far I'm ahead of the game! Wish me luck, because I'm a kamikaze dive bomber and I'm dedicated into getting the job done! XD
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I'm not the type of person who loves the mid evil times (with nights and dragons) other than most people, but i have to say the renaissance was kick ass!

My friend got us tickets to the renaissance festival, because he worked there, and it was really insane.
As we entered we had to compete rock paper scissors with a jester. I made it to the last round and i almost won. Anyway he did his victory dance and put us to shame, but it was fun.

We watched all sort of plays and games. My favorite was the fighting play. Their slogan was "support your violence, if we don't teach you violence who will? The French?" XD  

After that we wondered around and met the joker again.We did the rock paper scissors game and this time my lil bro won. He got to do the happy dance.XD

Next we met up with my friend who was selling kettle corn (who gave us the tickets) and he forced us to eat some. I had to admit it was good, so we had to buy some. Next my bro bought a turkey leg the size of his face.

After that we joined in on the excitement of jousting and i rooted for Germany, but London took the gold. Damn, he was so close.

We also watched a hilarious magition from France perform, he was like a mute comedian mugition. His play was hysterical. Then we watched the other brothers who juggled flaming torches around a girl from the audience while chopping a carrot that was in her mouth.

Next walked around some more and there was a foam sword stand with kids trying to beat up this barb that looked impossible to beat, so i got a foam sword and went up there and caught his attack and hit him in the side and the kids joined up and finished him off! I was the king!

next we met up with the joker for the third time, who was flirting with a pirate girl, so we challenged him again. This time my friend who was with us almost won, but then the pirate girl challenged us to the rock paper scissor challenge and i won! hahahah!
I did a hardcore break down to celebrate my victory!

The last thing we did was a man dressed up as a barbaric woman looking for a red neck by putting a can of beer in a rope trap, eventually my bro ran and got the beer and chugged it as a reward. Talk about going out with a bang.

After that we went home. It was one hell of a day! XD

I hope to enjoy it again next year!
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That's right, I'm heading to Japan to for fill my life long dream.

Of course I'm going next summer, so that'll leave me enough time to start saving some money.

I don't know a lot about the Japaneses language, but that leaves room to learn.

I know simple phrases, and what to do in certain situations(like taking off shoes at people's homes).

It'll be hard learning a new custom, but i believe I'll manage. XD
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YO!!!! WUZ UP HOMMIES!!!!!!!!!
I got da powa!!!!

I just received power! hahahahah!
In your face douch bags!

OMG! What a journey! Lemme tell ya!

That was a night never to be forgotten! My parents were scared shitless, and they forced me to sleep downstairs in the living room. I slept like a baby even though it was like a twister constantly beating on us.

The sensation of that night was pretty scary i have to admit, but it was like an experiece like no other especially that morning! Wooooooooooo!
I opened the door outside and it looked like a freakin war zone BABY! there was leaves branches peoples crap all over the yard, our intire street was flooded with about 2 feet of water, and our neibors tree fell over on our street.

Our neighbors got it even worst then we did. They had huge trees that fell all over the place, a lot of them causing damages to houses; especially Georges house his tree fell into his office, so every morning he get to have encounters with squirls.  

The hurricane was still in effect even though everyone was outside looking at the aftermath. I just pulled up a  chair and chilled out side as rain tore the crap out of everything. Next i realized that the flood water was coming up so i had to drain it.

I grabbed a rake and hopped into the water and started unplugging the drain. After i finally made it drain, my neighbors watched me and pitched in. Soon i was walking down street by street unplugging flooded streets.  The last street kind of gave me a heart attack because the water was above my stomach, and i was still on the curb!  
When i got off the curb the water was up to my torso and it was as if i was in the swamp waters of the amazon jungle!  i unplugged most of the drains, but the last one literally has a giant branch barely hanging out of it.

It took about an hour of taring, branch breaking, stem pooling, and pure muscle to clear it our. A lot of our neighbors pitched in so got to meet some new faces.

After that i cleaned my front yard, event hough it was still raining hard, i pulled everything out of the road, and my back neighbors paid me to do their yard so i got some money out of it.

Next we ran the generator so we got to see what was happening and all of Galveston was gone! Awsome sight!

Later i drove around getting the tour of the destruction. The most worst i saw was trees that have fallen down crashing into houses and bulldozing power lines.

Its all cool because i still had Xbox Live, because i connected it to the generator. My friend thought it would fry it, but it turns out the big brick on the end of the power cable dose serve a purpose.

It was funny because the day before the hurricane my brother, my friend , and my brothers girlfriend were out in front of the school yard flying a kite while everyone was panicing over the hurricane.

It sucks because when there's no power there's not a lot you can do. We played a lot of board games, never play monopoly it'll rage a war between friends, and we went to the park everyday. As for college it's still without power, but i can wait. XD

If i had to define everything that has happened to me during hurricane Ike, i would say it was a blast!

P.S. No power, no progress!
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The hurricane "Ike" ,believe it or not, is just outside my window, and it dosen't look friendly.

I'm really not worried about it, but everyone else is acting as if it's the end of the world.

I walked to the park with my friends just as the wind started to pick up and did some kite flying. I think everyone thought i went insane, but what do i care. (By the way the kite broke)XD

The hurricane is suppose to hit tonight, but the winds kicked in early and hard, but don't worry I'm prepared, hopefully i don't lose electricity. LOL

Well i g2g, i gotta watch the weather in case of tornadoes or floods. Peace!

"Here i am rockin like a hurricane!"
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Well, I'm back where i belong,in college, doing nothing but work, playing video games, and playing on my warlock guitar on campus.

I unfortunately started a business a few weeks ago, and i have to find ways to make money, so i guess I'll start doing contract work for clients. Although at the moment I'm getting everything situated. I'm taking Drawing as my first class, English 1301 as my second, and 3D animation, using 3ds Max 09, as my last.

So far so good; I know English 1301 is going to be difficult and drawing self-explanatory, as for 3D animation a piece of cake, my instructor wants me to do simple things, but i want to do what all the animation II students are doing, which is creating a full animation using story boards, concepts and a genuine story.

Instead we got beginners work like creating a logo, and modeling an object and making it move. Even though we had beginners work, and there were a few people new to doing animation, another classmate and i decided to also make a 3d animation like the animation II students. The teacher encouraged us, so we're gonna go for the challenge.
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Well, i had a chillaxed summer.
Nothing much to do, but play songs on the guitar, do a little gaming here and there, work on my animation, do some excersize, and just chill until i fall asleep.

Even though it's been going really slow i've been very excited about the Olimpics,I've been rooting for America from the start, and so far it's payed off.

Now as summer comes to a stop, i got to go back to college and settle down and get focused. I know some of my old buddies just graduated and they'll be attending my same college, so i can look forward to seeing them! Also, It's funny because i actually forgot why I'm going to college, but then i look at what gives me inspiration, games, 3D, babes, and cafine! XD

Woooooooooooooooooo! Hey yo, lets go! Go America!

AND, finally a freggin cold front!
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We're having our difficulties in our gaming project so we decided to set it aside, so it leaves me time to make an UBER BADASS TOP KNOTCH HUMANGO FANTASTICO 3D Animation!

So yeah life's rough, but i'll strive for success and fight for my right to PARRRrrrrrRRRRTY! XD

Actually it's been quite a peaceful summer with a lot of sunlight that'll give you skin cancer, traffic producing tremendous amounts of fog, and rain and thunder to re-flood thus kill off any living organism that can't swim.

So just to give a shot out, love and peace! C ya! XD
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