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Stanley Janoski
United States


I am different. I am invisible although I exist. It’s my curse for living. When I was nine I was involved in a terrible freak car accident with my uncle. He died instantly. However. … I didn't. … I should have died. Fading back and forth from reality, I watched the lights from the hospital hallways pass above me. One by one I counted. I could feel death pulling the leash from my life line. It’s time to go, I could feel him say. … However, I was stubborn. Gripping my hand on the hospital bed rail, I kept my mind centered on living. I could feel death watching with the void of his eyes. His presence felt like a foul odor. A cold and lifeless welcome. I lifted my hand towards the light. Blood. So much blood. I thought to myself. Losing consciousness, a tear rolls down my face. I could hear a swooshing sound. Wind? From blackness a surge of vivid bright colors. I smile. … I refused to die.

I woke up with my parents by my side in a small hospital room. They seemed happy to see me. They hug me. Somehow I had survived.

Weeks pass by. As I returned to school, everything somehow seemed to have changed. I was once the most social and beloved kid in the school, but now it seems I have become irrelevant, unimportant, ignored. Day by day I grew angry. Why have I been ignored? Why was everyone being so cruel? The week went on. Day by day I began to distance myself. No one seemed to care anymore about me. I couldn’t understand why. As I became completely ignored at school, my parents began to care less and less about me. It wasn’t long before I was an ignored child. I began to retreat from the world into myself. Eventually I had become a complete introvert.

Growing angry of my uncared-for absence in the world, I ran away from home. I knew no one would come after me, so I walked the railroads without a care in the world. It was on the railroads where I discovered her. A girl with no name. She told me she knew I wouldn’t handle the world much longer and that I would join them. She told me somehow I had escaped fate and because of this there were consequences. I didn’t know what she was talking about but when I looked away and looked back her, she was gone. Was this my fate? Did I make a mistake by not choosing fate?

I returned home later that evening and stared at the night sky. It seems everything has an end. It must be fate. However, have I escaped my fate? Should I have not existed? All of a sudden I felt that feeling once more. I knew he was watching. His cold suffocating presence made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. Perhaps one day he will come back for me and take what was long overdue. Until then I had to continue with my meaningless existence… Until then, I continue to defy fate.
I saw her again today. Same place as always. Reading her little Japanese comic books as she stood there at the comic store’s cash register. She looks so adorably beautiful. Her light blond hair, hypnotizing blue eyes, gentle pale skin, and adorable fashion sense. I’m deathly afraid she would notice me staring at her. I’m sure that would creep me out to be her. Oh well, I should keep walking.

There were a couple time I walked into the store. I was hoping she would notice me. I guess I’m living in a fantasy. I didn’t have the courage to talk to her, even after she approached me that one time. I’m such a train wreck when it comes to these things. Maybe it’s best if I shouldn’t come around at all. My thoughts seem to  haunt me.

When I walk to class on campus, I often see her. Such a radiant, pleasant, and cheerful personality. Just seeing her makes me happy. Although I walk past her, we never notice each other, but simply being near her gives me a warm feeling. … I should probably focus on my studies.

I took a trip today to the art museum. I was there on an art assignment. While walking around a garden surrounded by statues, I saw her again. What a wonderful coincidence. Her hair dances in the wind. I am paralyzed. My mind wonders. Dare I say something? How was it she was here? Dare I ask it was fate? Yet again… Who thinks like that. I must be going crazy. She walks closer. I continue to observe the statue’s form, but inside I am frozen, trapped, reaching for fresh air. Her majestic presence makes me tremble in terror. She is next to me. Her aroma the scent of the most elegant of fragrances. If I had the courage or the ambition to be with her, now would be my chance to say something. Doubt. But what if she is with someone? Do I really want to do this? Should I interrupt the nature of such a beautiful creature? … What if she has no interest in me? What if I cannot be the person to make her happy? What if… I freeze completely. She walks away. … Perhaps it wasn’t fate after all. My own thoughts delight in betraying me.

… There she is again. Reading as she always does. I wonder if she noticed me. … Nah. Who am I kidding. Life never is in favor to what I want. I will simply leave her alone. I’m not that kind of guy. Our lives are different. I find delight and a sense of heart warmth around her, but I don’t want to bother her. I’m sure she will find happiness in someone else. I better be off. I have more important things to do.

Suddenly a voice calls. A warm and cheerful voice. Can it be? I’m sure it’s someone else. I must have such a vivid imagination. The voice calls again. I turn around. It is her by the door… I freeze. She waves. I melt. With a warm smile, I wave back at her. Fate? No. An unfamiliar friend. Everything and all I could have ever asked for. She walks back inside the store. I find myself unworthy of her kindness. Such a heartfelt feeling. A kind face. A simple wave. My life will never be the same.

Although I will never have the courage to say anything… I will cherish my feelings for her. Perhaps one day we may even become friends.
Beyond Consciousness

I had another dream last night. I was flying. I could fly anywhere I could imagined. After a while, the world seemed to become very small. Like a gentle butterfly fluttering inside a cage. … Serenity. Nothing compares to the feeling of tranquility while watching the sun set from the thermosphere. Would you want to see it for yourself? This is where I use to live. … But now I’m trapped. The cage gets smaller as I begin to lose hope. It’s cold. Is there anyone one out there to help me? Tears eventually dry but the memories remains. Will I forget? Perhaps, I’ll simply fade away. But for now should I wait?  Maybe, I will find purpose. Maybe, just maybe tomorrow will come once again. Just like how it always used to.

This is my story. I am not with you right now. I speak through words. Poetic? I am here with you. This is not a love story. I am the text. I speak through the text. The text speaks to you reader. I am with you right now. Around you. My arms are around your shoulder right now but you don’t even know it. Can you feel it? You are… A friend to me. I will console you for the time being. Let me share with you my story.

I was twenty five when it first happened. I lived with my parents. I worked at a fast food place. I was an unfamiliar face. A stranger you had never met. In this time, life felt meaningless. Years become seconds. Seconds become eternity. Purpose. Goals. There weren’t any. I wonder. Why was I waiting? I knew so much.

It all started when I picked up a book. A simple book. It wasn’t even a very good book. It was a book on the greatest philosophers of the world. Unfortunately, it was the book that changed my life. The world seemed so small then. But now… Now it is greater than the stars of the cosmos. Unfortunately I cannot see it. I cannot hear it. It’s stuck in my memories.

The book was a key. A key to my awakening. It is a cursed blessing. I have become lost. I use to be a normal human being, that is, until I began to think on my own. After reading ever page at a time with an open mind, my mind began to open up. My life became a life of mysteries and questions. There were so many things I never knew. What was once small and narrow was an ocean of questions waiting to be answered. Curiosity. I couldn’t help myself.

I became fascinated. … No! Obsessed with information. I wanted to know more and more. Eventually, I had learned too much. My mind began to swell with a fever for knowledge. Wisdom came as a side effect. After learning, thinking, and conceptualizing ideas, my mind did the unthinkable. It began to expand far more than what I had imagined. My imagination began to take me over. I soon began to imagine worlds, dimensions, and concepts beyond that of the average human mind. Eventually I wondered so far into my own mind, I eventually became lost. The reality of the real world had become that of fiction. Nothing more than a dream.

After traveling in what seemed to be as if a life time, I eventually found my body. Back where I had forgotten where I had left it.

Listening to the thoughts of loved ones, I was in a comma for three months. The doctor told me I was no longer part of the world as I became a comatose-vegetable. To them, I became lost. To me, I had lost something even more. The truth is painful. I watched and waited without anyway to return to my normal state of being. I watched as the plug was pulled. It was too late. The tears of family member spilt over my own tombstone. The passing of seasons. Life indeed seemed to sees to exist anymore. The tomorrow I had waited for so long never came. Therefore, I remain here while my consciousness wonders. No more longing for knowledge but to mourn the loss of my own memories.

Hear my lesson. Live to know. Question the world. If lost, find purpose. Find yourself. I believe there is a singularity within every one of us. The singularity that surpasses imagination. Find it and stay in the true reality. But if you find yourself lost, I will be there to always help you. Together, there will always be tomorrow.
Beyond Consciousness
I wanted to write something that was out of the ordinary so I wrote this piece. I wanted to mix it with a little bit of poetry, story, abstraction, and imagination.  I want to reflect emotional value rather than make it have too much sense. I hope it sparks up an interesting conclusion for its readers.
Cyclone Wings, the hottest item on the market. Ever since I was a child I always wanted one. The reason I want one is because of the cool things people have done with them. It’s very popular among inline skating and skateboarding. Since my house was right by a skate park, I would often watch people my age do outrageous stunts. Almost as if they are born with wings. I don’t know how… But I need to get me one.

“Jason, wake up.” Salantra said to me as she turned off the TV which played a video of people skating upside down in a tunnel using a small jet pack-like gadget on their back. She pulled the covers revealing my black pants and red shirt. “Sleeping in your clothes again. When will you ever learn.” Salantra continued. “I was having a dream about girls, go away.” I replied. “The only girlfriend you have is in your dreams. Now get up before I eat your breakfast.” She stated once more before pulling the blinds open.

I looked at my bowl of eat meal and watched as the three children in front of me threw it around at each other. Pulling a spoonful upwards I watched as it stretched from the bowl. “You could make a powerful glue using this stuff.” I said to myself. Suddenly my care taker briefly walk into the kitchen on her phone. “Yes, they are triplets, they’re all very energetic, I think you’d love them if you adopted them.” I watched before dropping my spoon into the bowl and watching the spoon disappear as it was swallowed by the oatmeal.

As the school bus came around, I ran towards it almost having it leave on me.

I sat staring out the window. Life felt so ordinary. Is this all there was? I thought to myself.

I sat alone in the cafeteria looking down at my food. I made a bridge with my mash potatoes allowing the gravy to pass underneath it. “Check it out guys, it’s low life. Where’s your parents low life?” a guy said from behind me with two of his other friends. Saverus has been bugging me for a year now. Even if I put him to shame, fight him, tell on him, there was no end in sight to his harassment. “Like I told you Save-the-walrus, don’t talk to your new daddy that way. You’ll make me mad.” I replied. Saverus looked at me. “Yeah, whatever. Just to let you know, I just got a pair of cyclones. Choke on that.” He replied as him and his gang walked away. F%&k my life. Not him too. I thought to myself. I turned around and watched him walk down the hall. How is it people can afford this stuff? I thought again.

After school I sat at one of the swing sets in the park. I remember how my parents use to push me back and forth. I then shook the thought out of my head. “Goddamit, I’m a walking sop story.” I told myself. I got up off the swing and adjusted my clothes. Suddenly out of nowhere, a group of guys barreled from over the top of a few houses. They were all wearing cyclone wings and roller blades. They appeared to be fighting. They knocked one guy into the playground slide in front of me. With two guys holding him down, a third guy punched him in the stomach. “Think twice before messing with white fang clan. Punk.” The guy on the slide slid down the rest of the slide and laid on the floor. The group then jetted down the street on their roller blades.

I watched as the group of guys turn the corner. Curious, I checked on the guy who got beat up. “You alright?” I asked. “Never better.” He replied. “What was that about?” I asked as the guy tried to get up. “You ‘know the usual. You can’t join them, beat their face.” He replied. I watched as the guy continued to get up. “Hey, you got plans bro? A position just opened up on my team.” The guy said coughing and whipping away the blood from his lip. “What do you mean?” I replied. “I’m saying, there’s a spot open on my cyclone wing team. You want to join or not?” He asked again. “I don’t even own a...” I replied. “Too late. Should of said yes.” He stated. Then the guy began to take off his roller blades. He then pulled off the cyclone wing gear from behind his back. “All yours.” He said giving to me as if without thinking. You got to be kidding me. I thought to myself. “Learn to use them and catch me on the high run sometimes.” He said. He then began to walk away. “Laters.” He announced waving his hand. I wanted to say something but I didn’t. What the hell just happened?

I put on his roller blades and found the size was somewhat universal. They weren’t regular roller blades, they were cyclone wing compatible rollerblades. The kind I use to watch on TV by famous inline skaters. They weren't like the regular roller blade you find at sports retail stores. They had full metal and light carbon fiber designs, mega smooth springs, and micro electronic motors and censors. They were made for durability, high capacity, and to take in the impact from insane landings. The skateboard version features a foot lock, the free running shoes has built in spring mechanics, and specialty shoes called soaps were designed to slide and grind in style. I put the roller blades on and then put on the cyclone wing jet pack. It was like a small harnest and surprisingly light. It had six thrusters on the back and four on the front. After I was ready to go, I stood there kind of afraid of what would happen to me if I were to do something wrong. I’m sure something like this had a manual. Forget about the manual, let’s see how to use this thing. I thought to myself. I saw people use cyclone wings many times in the park and in professional videos. It responded to your body movements. It couldn’t be that hard. I then jolted to the left and the cyclone kicked in throwing me across the park. Too much thrust. I thought to myself.

I spent the rest of the afternoon practicing until it became dark.

In my room, I spent watching videos online about how to use the gear. I even took notes on a notepad. Suddenly Salantra walked past the door of my room. She stopped for a few seconds and turned to see what I was doing. Once she caught a glimpse of the cyclone wing videos I was watching, she turned around and walked away.

The next day, I woke up extremely excited. I looked into my closet to make sure the cyclone wings were not a dream. I smiled with excitement. It felt like a dream come true.

Salantra walked into my room to wake me up, however discovered I wasn’t there.

I ate breakfast downstairs and even chugged an entire glass of orange juice.

I ran over to the bus stop and waited for the bus. I had never felt this much energy in a long time. It felt it was almost too good to be true.

The school morning breezed past in a blur. In lunch time, I had to use the restroom. Unexpectedly, following behind me was Saverus and his gang. As I used the urinal, one of Saverus’s cronies kicked me into the urinal. I turned around and attacked their lower legs and shoes with my own anti-bully pee defense. They yelled as I ran out of the restroom trying to put my man-junk into my pants. They chased me but instantly lost me as students poured out of their classes.    

I walked around the entrance and saw a large gathering. It was a gang with leather colorful jackets. They were all wearing cyclone wings along with skateboards and roller blades. They must be a cyclone gang. I thought to myself. I watched as they jetted off down the street doing tricks. Their jet thrusters plumed as it shot a thrust of compressed hot air. They looked so cool as they traveled in formation. Maybe this was a reason why the guy who gave me his cyclone wings wanted to be in a crew. I thought to myself.

Later that day, I watched the sun set from on top of the playground. I want to be a pro. I thought to myself. It was time for me to take things seriously. To practice and become someone. It was time for me to spread my wings. I thought to myself. I then jumped off the playground roof and landed on the floor below me. I leaned down and then began to pose as if I was about to run. In a plume of compressed air, I darted down the street. While thinking I had developed an amazing natural instinct, I then became petrified with fear as I began dodging cars, trees and mailboxes. Eventually I slammed into a fence and found myself trying to outrun someone’s pit bull.

Later that night, I sat on my bed listening to music through my head phones. ... I was going to make it big one day. No matter what it takes. I swore this to myself.
Grey Version: Son of Giovanni

Viro Ian Evans, was born in Azalia Town in the Johto region, he had no father or mother and grew up in a foster home. Later in life he graduated college and fell in love with a girl who he had lived with all his life. They got married and moved to Ecruteak City where he worked up the ranks and became chief executive officer of a branch of small genetic research facilities. His family struggled as he overworked himself day in and day out taking the train back and forth from Goldenrod City.  Eventually all his work paid off after he was invited to become executive chairman of one of Kanto’s leading research and development organizations. Because of his new position, he moved to Cerulean City. His marriage life improved as well as his career. A few years later he had a son, his name was Stosh Ian Evans. Viro’s life improved tremendously as he became extremely wealthy and well connected in his industry.

While life had rewarded him gracefully, he one day was met with a major unethical change to the structure of his organization; a change he only recently and briefly knew. He was against the change of the organization and for no rational explanation, he was voted off by the board of directors. The organization seemed to have what he felt was more of a devious and hidden agenda rather than exploring and leading in the world’s genetic and biological research.

He found his leave both a blessing and a curse, however. It was a curse because he no longer was a major leader in the scientific world, but it was also a blessing because he got to spend time at home with his family. For once he began to live life for his family and not for scientific discovery. His most memorable moment he ever addressed was when he was teaching his son to fish on the lake. He taught him how to fish and to avoid catching what he considered nuisant distractions such as Majikarps and Goldeens. While on the boat treasuring the sunset with his son, he told his son that Pokémon by nature were never evil. It’s people who are evil. His word must have reflected a revelation in his industry; however, it was also the idea that sparked up the child’s imagination as the child told his father what he truly wanted, which was to become a Pokémon trainer and if possible, a Pokémon master. Viro thought it was wonderful that his child had dreams of his own that would make him happy. He found encouragement in his son that he would find his own path in life than to take after his father’s dreams and ambitions. This must have inspired Viro to come up with ideas of what to do with the wealth he accumulated over a long period of time. It was concluded that his son was the reason for his change. It must have also been his son who influenced his desire for helping those in need by investing and building electric power plants in rural areas.
Creating more power for neighboring towns, cities, rural areas, and cave systems, he was able to make the same amount of money as if he was working as an executive. With extra money in his pocket, he decided to take the risk and fund small research projects that had too much debt, such as the Pokémon laboratory resort in Pallet Town and an independent scientist named Bill who was a dear friend of his, working on extraordinary projects by himself.

He had become an inspiration to lives all around the Kanto region. The day that made him most happy was when he was walking on the bridge to Bill’s light house after a mysterious anomie Bill discovered in the far ocean, he walked across the bridge off route 24 and found a mysterious old lady giving away a basket of Charmander eggs. Being that it was his son’s seventh birthday, Viro took an egg and gave it to his son as his very first Pokémon. He thought a fire pokemon was the perfect choice for his son as it matched his firey personality. His wife was against the idea, however. Upon receiving the egg, his son became very happy to have his first Pokémon and promised to take care of it until it hatched. His father found his biggest sense of pride and achievement was that of his own son. He knew his son would grow up to do good things.

A few days later, the board of directors in research and development insisted Viro to return. They knew the had done wrong and needed help to undo their mistakes. However, Viro respectfully declined their offer as he had now become happy and comfortable with his new life.

However, one day after coming home from a celebration near Lavender town, Viro was met with a terrible fate. According to the reports from the news, the black ice on the icy road had cause his car to loose traction and spin out of control. The car spun until eventually falling off a cliff from a bridge that sat on top of a steep canyon. The car wasn’t discovered until the early morning of the next day. This is when a message was recovered stuck inside a super potion intended only for his son to read, it was certain he wrote it as he was dying.

The tragic accident left Viro’s child now an orphan and his power facilities abandoned as no one else could further fund the operation. This forces homes and businesses to move elsewhere. Most noticeably, without power from the power plant, the widely used Rock Tunnel, became pitch black forcing travelers to find their own way through the dark.

This is how Stosh Ian Evans, also known as Grey, came to be. Since there was no legal guardian for the child. The boy had no other choice but to be put for adoption. The only belonging he carried with him was the egg his father gave him and the super potion with the letter he refused to read. Eventually Giovanni, a wealthy millionaire and moderately supportive friend of his father, decided to take in the child. Giovanni knew that the boy had value as he was the one who carried his father’s wealth. He knew when the boy was of age, he would inherit everything his father owned; therefore, giving him a chance to get a piece of the pie if he took the child and raised him as his own.

Stosh grew up living with Giovanni in a wealthy million dollar home. Giovanni was always very busy and would never play with him. Stosh played by himself and catered to his egg. In school he wasn’t able to make friends and always had body guards around him wherever he went. One day, on a cold and rainy night, Stosh heard sounds from outside the house in the garage. Curious, he went to see what was going on. That’s when he discovered Giovanni was secretly working with the notorious criminal organization Team Rocket. Stosh snuck into the garage where a mysterious Pokémon was held captive. Upon getting discovered by Geovanni, Stosh argued with him and in an uncontrolable rage, he let the mysterious Pokémon free after discovering Giovanni only wanted him for his father’s wealth. Giovanni chased after the mysterious Pokémon while Stosh ran upstairs to his room. Stosh grabbed all that he had and jumped out of his window running away from home, never to return ever again.

As Stosh walked the streets alone in the cold and pouring rain, he held his egg close to him trying to remember the times he use to spend with his father. He couldn't help the endless amount of tears that poured down his face and mixing into the rain. He found shelter under a tree and used cardboard boxes to shield him from the rain and cold. He couldn’t help but feel extremely depressed and feeling a sense of none belonging to a world which seemed so unfair. Later that night, with no more tears to cry, he slept with a sense of numbness to the world, a world to where he preferred to become a faceless nobody.

The next morning, he was awoken to a strange creature snuggling beside him. He woke up to find it was a Pokémon. It was the same mysterious Pokémon he had released last night. Stosh ignored it and went back to sleep feeling tired and emotionless. The creature did it’s best to prevent him from falling asleep. The creature danced and did anything to cheer the child up. The child ignored the Pokémon and pushed the boxes over himself. The Pokémon then stole his super potion to which had his father’s message was inside. The boy jumped from the bench and tried to grab it. The Pokémon wagged its tail in the air as it pretended to play with him. Eventually the boy gave in and let the Pokémon have it. He didn't care about anything any more. Feeling sad, the Pokémon gave back his super potion. The boy then picked the super potion up and angry, he threw it across the street into a stream of flowing water. The boy watched as the super potion floated down the edge beneath the side walk. After a few second of realizing the urgency of what he was doing, he ran and dove to get the bottle before it reached the sewer grate. Remembering what he said to his father, he picked up the super potion and held it close to his heart.

He picked up his back pack and began walking down the street once more. The Pokémon which he had saved followed him hovering over behind his shoulder.

After the rain had stopped and a rainbow was formed over the horizon, Stosh took shelter at a Pokémon center. He found the mysterious Pokémon to which had followed him ran off due to it’s shyness. Moreover, to his surprise, he felt his backpack move. Immediately, he took out the egg and watched as it hatched. Others around the Pokémon center gathered around to watch as the egg moved back and forth by itself. Eventually the Pokémon cracked out from its shell, at last Stosh’s first Pokémon had been born. He gave it the name Serenity as the Pokémon meant much more to him than anything he had ever owned. When the nurse, Nurse Joy, asked what was the owner’s name of the Pokémon, Stosh looked up at the Grey clouds in the horizon of the sky told her, his name was Grey. It was at this point he decided to change his life forever.

Grey began his journey then and there at the age of nine. Day by day, he trained with his charmander. The mysterious Pokémon continued to watch and follow him everywhere he went.  Once he had gotten his first badge at Pewter City, he returned to Cerulean City and upon crossing the bridge to where his father said to have obtained his charmander egg, he stopped and finally challenge the mysterious Pokémon. The Pokémon agreed to battle him and with a long battle, he finally managed to capture the Pokémon. He later discovered the Pokémon was a rare Pokémon named Mew, to which never stayed in her poke ball.  For the next year, Grey spent training his Pokémon, furthering in their friendship and trust, and battling all those who crossed his path. During his adventure, his Charmander eventually evolved into a charmillion and then into a Charizard; however, this Charizard was rare because of its abnormal size of 8’7”, almost twice the size of an average Charizard. His Charizard became known as one of the world’s largest Charizards. He caught very few Pokémon on his journey and mostly dedicated his time to training his own Pokémon and coming up with his own strategies and techniques. City by city, town by town he grew in experience and victories. Upon arriving in Caledon, he also reclaimed his father’s wealth; however, gave a little to the Pokémon gym because it had been attacked by team rocket a few days ago.  He continued with his journey and was temporarily accompanied by a girl with the nickname blue, it was a brief companionship, but she had been his biggest influence in his journey this far teaching him many secrets and ways to defeat the oncoming gyms leaders. His journey came to a halt when he arrived at Cinnabar Island. He visited one of the destroyed laboratories to which his father use to manage. He discovered they used the dna of dittos to try to clone rare Pokémon, preserve ancient species, and modify genetic material to create genetically modified Pokémon. The most noticeable Pokémon being mew. He felt a sense of relief to know that his father had been removed of this scientific madness. He continued his journey traveling to Pallet Town. Upon being caught in a storm, he was saved by his own Pokémon. Red and Gary pulled him off the beach and he stayed at Gary’s home where he met Professor Oak. Professor Oak help treat him and took great interest of his Mew. Grey allowed the professor to study Mew in return for the professor taking care of him until he got better. Upon getting better, the professor spent a lot of time with him. They discussed life, philosophy, and even his father’s research.

Once he got better, he ventured onward preparing himself for the next gym. When he arrived to Viridian City, he realized he was no longer a boy but a master trainer. When going to receive his last badge, he encountered his step dad, Giovanni. Giovanni congratulated on how much he had grown. He also saw that Mew had never left his side. He challenged Giovanni and after a long hard battle, defeated him. However, Giovanni was far from finished. He summoned his greatest Pokémon yet. Mewtwo. Upon fighting with Charizard, Mew, although already weakened, decided to take on Mewtwo. The fight was beyond spectacular as to Mew it was personal. Mewtwo battled Mew with the idea that he wanted to be the strongest. Mew fought his best to break Mewtwo of his insane mindset. After Mewtwo defeated mew, he turned on both Giovanni and Mew. Giovanni followed Mewtwo before placing Grey’s badge on the railing of his gym, it was a rare sign of respect. Grey grabbed what was rightfully his. His honor, his respect, and most of all his symbolic badge. He never saw Giovanni again after his match. Therefore, he continued to the Pokémon league.

After countless rivals in the Pokémon league, he finally became worthy to challenge the elite four. Battling the elite four was the toughest battle of his life. Every member was perfectly skilled beyond belief. After losing a couple matches he began to think defeating the elite four was near impossible. Their strategies were flawless and their bonds between their Pokémon inseparable. It was then when he began to understand what it really meant to be a Pokémon master. He ran away from the Pokémon league and revisited Professor Oak. The professor knew that he felt he couldn’t defeat the elite four; therefore, took him fishing. Saying very little, they fished for hours. When they were finished fishing, it had become clear why he couldn't defeat the elite four. Although, his strategies were precise and near perfect, he had too much self-doubt. To defeat the elite four he needed to have a pure clear mind, afar from any negative thoughts. Reflecting on his past and childhood, he was able to clear hos thoughts. Although it helped him a lot, he felt there was still one more thing to do. Upon going for a swim with all his Pokémon, he swam up to the peer and pulled out the super potion he had been carrying throughout his journey. It was old and had been slightly damaged. He twisted the lid off and pulled out the message. Feeling scared and emotional to read it, he lifted it in front of him and calmed his mind. He slowly began to read it. The message was that of sadness and joy. It read as if listening to his father’s voice as death slowly began to claim him. Grey wept as he read the message in his father’s dying words. After reading the message, he climbed onto the peer and watched as the sunset went down. His mind was completely at peace.

When he returned to the Pokémon league, he couldn't help but to fight and defeated the elite four mercilessly. The audience marveled at his very creative, abstract, yet extremely effective strategies. The victory was by far the most entertaining and most interesting battle the elite had ever had for years. Because of the audiences great enthusiasm, Grey fought and defeated every member of the elite four within a single day. Upon waiting his award ceremony, Grey walked away refusing the fame, glory, and trophy. He was determined to stay a no face and to continue his journey just as the day he had ran away from home. Till this day he ventures onward to the Johto region to retrace the origins of his father and to inspire the newest generation of Pokémon trainers.

The End
Grey Version: Son of Giovanni

(revisions pending)
A Pokémon story for the old-school 151 Kanto region Pokémon fans. This story take place before and during the original red, blue, or green version on gameboy pocket/ color.

Character for story arc:

Trainer: Grey (nickname), Stosh Ian Evans

From: Cerulean

Equipped Pokémon: Mew (always out of poke ball), Charizard (rare height of 8’07”), Articuno, Haunter, Snorlax, and Gyarados (rare greenish-blue/ viridian color).

Physiology: greenish-blue eyes, white wavy-spikey hair, toned-average body form, height of 5’9”, 170lbs.

Attire: black suit, grey undershirt, black dress pants.

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